“A very professional team,” Zeelandia on Expovorm

Zeelandia: “Expovorm proves time and time again, it’s worth working with a professional and experienced company.”



The ‘Royal Zeelandia’ Group is a growing Dutch family owned company, which mainly focuses on developing innovative baking ingredients, processes and marketing concepts for bread and pastries. ‘At Zeelandia we are all about quality, innovation and inspiration. Our knowledge in these areas translates into promising solutions and ideas for our customers. The baker’s needs are central in this. We handle our own distribution in Holland and therefore work closely together with the bakeries. Hence our motto: “Creating Possibilities”

Choosing Expovorm

Twenty-two years ago we selected Expovorm International to be our partner in managing our exhibits at national and international trade shows. Every 3 years we are presenting a new exhibit concept at IBA in Munich (the largest international trade-show in our branch). The exhibit has to represent our identity, vision and inspiration for our international visitors; a state of the art exhibit built with innovative materials. The main reason we have been working with Expovorm for many years now is the added value of working with an experienced and professional team. Their professionalism makes our work easier. Looking back on IBA 2015, the time leading up to the event, the build up of the exhibit, were worry-free. Expovorm managed the project with confidence and always ahead of schedule, a pleasant experience for the Zeelandia team. Great job!

What we did for Zeelandia

Zeelandia requested an open accessible stand with plenty of room to sit. An innovative design that appealed to the audience senses.

  • We build a number of cooking stations around the stand, where the audience was able to experience Zeelandia products.
  • We build 40 seats to provide plenty of space to sit and enjoy Zeelandia products.
  • We build a fully suspended awning using Octanorm’s Octarig system that allowed full access to the stand, and created a welcoming feel.