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Van Buuren

The core activity of the Van Buuren Group is the wholesale of ironware, tools and fittings for construction and ventilation technologies. ‘Van Buuren is more than a wholesale business. We mainly focus on supplying the construction, installation and joinery trade sectors.
That is also the reason that we have been collaborating with Expovorm for years now. What we offer to our clients is also what we look for in our partners. A professional, no nonsense attitude that reflects from the look and feel of the exhibits Expovorm has built for us. From the initial idea on paper to the actual realization of the exhibit, all our wants and needs have been converted into beautiful exhibits in which we are able to welcome our customers. Whether it is an exhibit of standard dimensions or a fully equipped hall complete with furniture, plants and audio-visual equipment, Expovorm International delivers. Time and time again, they make sure that everything down to the last detail is taken care of.’

DRB combi event.

This yearly trade show at the Bouw Compleet in Hardenberg is a joined project of partner companies: Van Dijk, Raadsma and Van Buuren who requested the exhibit hall to be converted. We decorated the complete hall with banners and lettering. Centred around the main hall we provide space to 35 suppliers.