Meet our Team

“Designed here, built there”

We are very proud of our team and what we are able to accomplish together for our costumers. Our teams work all over the world, all hours of the day and under tight deadlines. We are proud to present our team.

Pauline: There I was at six years old holding my mom’s hand. It was the first time my parents took me to a trade show. A large empty hall and loaded trucks lined up waiting to be unloaded. Everybody is busy and in no time the hall was transferred into one large candy paradise. (It was the candy/sweets trade show). As far as I could see, I saw small and large candy stores. This was the moment I saw first hand what you are able to create in a short time when you are working together. Teamwork will always be the most important principle within our company Expovorm.


Peter: Just recently Ineke and I transferred the management and ownership of Expovorm over to the next generation. After 28 years of hard work it was the right time. When we first started the company I thought by myself “ I can do this, I want this and we are going for it.” I am confident they will continue managing Expovorm with the same passion and energy. Although I am no longer leading the company, I am still very happy to work at Expovorm and represent the company all over the world. I hope Ineke and I will be able to do that for many more years to come.

Ineke: It has already been 28 years ago that Peter and I started Expovorm. Time sure flies. I have enjoyed my work very much over the years, especially traveling and working on the many different projects. I fondly look back on all the different projects, some of them seemed impossible, but we always managed to get the job done. Besides bookkeeping I have been involved in special projects for 15 years. We have seen quite a bit of the world and I hope we can continue doing that as ambassadors for Expovorm.


Gerwin: I started at Expovorm five years ago in the financial department. I am currently a member of the management team now Pauline and I have recently taken over the company. I am responsible for the financial side of the business. I am also involved in international sales and enjoy visiting tradeshows from time to time. I enjoy working together as a team under tight deadlines.

Eric: Twenty-five years ago, I started working for Expovorm as an exhibit builder. Currently I am a member of the management team. I am responsible for sales. I am in contact with our customers on a daily basis. What I enjoy most about my work is establishing long-term relationships with our customers and to really find out how we can provide in their needs. In busy times I also support the design and project departments. This makes my job at Expovorm challenging and very versatile.

Dennis: Upon finishing my studies I started as a junior designer at Expovorm.
That is almost 17 years ago now. Since a few years I am leading the design department. What I enjoy most about my work is constantly coming up with new creative and innovative concepts. Another aspect of my job I truly enjoy is training new colleagues and trainees in the design department.

Simone: Sixteen years ago I started as a trainee from CIBAP at Expovorm. Currently I am responsible for planning and managing all of our teams. These teams are responsible for the preparations and realization of all our projects. Sometimes we manage 20 different projects in 7 different countries simultaneously. It is hectic at times, but it gives me great satisfaction when we manage to complete these projects successfully. This makes my job challenging and very versatile.


Peter: I have been working at Expovorm for 11 years now. I have actually more than one job. I am an exhibit builder, project manager, truck driver and a carpenter. What I like most about this job is the versatility and working as part of a team on different projects in all of Europe. Today I am in Paris and tomorrow in London and next week in the stock room of Expovorm. Every day is different and we always make the most of it.


Johan: I have been working for Expovorm for 18 years now. I am a truck driver and a jack- of -all trades. It is my philosophy that everyone works better in a tidy and organized environment. That is where I try to support the teams. I assist in the preparations for projects and I load and unload trucks. I enjoy being a truck driver as well. Together with my colleagues we make the most of it. Last January we celebrated my 72nd birthday at one of the tradeshows. It was a fantastic experience and I am very glad I am still able to do this type of work.


Johnny: I have been working for Expovorm for 3.5 years now via Soweco (social services work program). I enjoy coming to work every day and I always have a smile on my face, we laugh a lot. I clean exhibit materials after they return so they are ready for the next project. What I like most about my job is the peaceful work environment with friendly colleagues. I am very glad Soweco found this job placement for me.